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magical glorious fairy woodland (!!!) amazingness brought to life. this is so many of my dreams come true.

because love is magic.

it makes life into a new world, a more beautiful world with endless potential and endless adventures. it is my favourite world.

i am so happy to know these wonderful children of the forest and to have been able to photograph a little bit of their magic. enjoy.

 DSC_0010 (2) DSC_0018 (2) DSC_0015 (2) DSC_0027 (2) DSC_0022 (2) DSC_0034 (2) DSC_0037 (2) DSC_0044 (2) DSC_0049 (2) DSC_0059 (2) DSC_0062 (2) DSC_0068 (2) DSC_0130 DSC_0103 DSC_0090 (2) DSC_0095 (2) DSC_0098 (2) DSC_0108 (2) DSC_0117 (2) DSC_0160 (2)4 DSC_0136 (2) DSC_0149 (2) DSC_0121 (2) DSC_0170 (2) DSC_0179 (2) DSC_0215 (2) DSC_0210 (2) DSC_0233 (2) DSC_0218 (2) DSC_0223 (2) DSC_0268 (2) DSC_0241 (2) DSC_0255 (2) DSC_0206 (2) DSC_0197 (2) DSC_0271 (2)


One thought on “james + margaret {formals} wild love shoot

  1. Damon

    I looked at them while listening to “Generations of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix)” by Culture Club. I hope this is okay still.


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