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i wholeheartedly believe that october is for mischief-making.

also, are not danny and kim the coolest? they are. we had a fantastic time wandering neighborhoods and backyards, lighting fireworks, feeling nostalgic and trying new things. this is exactly the kind of session dave and i live for.

_DSC0205-2  _DSC0208-2  _DSC0144  _DSC0001-2  _DSC0008-2  _DSC0010-2  _DSC0021-2  _DSC0035-2  _DSC0042-2  _DSC0052-2  _DSC0056-2  _DSC0072-2  _DSC0040    _DSC0055 _DSC0116-2  _DSC0110-2  _DSC0049 _DSC0067  _DSC0099-2  _DSC0130-2  _DSC0091 _DSC0094  _DSC0133-2  _DSC0138-2  _DSC0164-2  _DSC0177-2  _DSC0189-2  _DSC0191-2  _DSC0139  _DSC0207-2 _DSC0209-2  _DSC0160  _DSC0222-2  _DSC0227-2  _DSC0235-2  _DSC0174 _DSC0177   _DSC0240-2  _DSC0250-2  _DSC0249-2   _DSC0199  _DSC0260-2  _DSC0210   _DSC0183 _DSC0223   _DSC0270-2   _DSC0275-2  _DSC0282-2  _DSC0287-2    _DSC0300-2 _DSC0301-2  _DSC0303-2  _DSC0309  _DSC0250 _DSC0252  _DSC0310-2  _DSC0314-2  _DSC0322-2  _DSC0328-2  _DSC0334-2  _DSC0335-2  _DSC0257 _DSC0342-2  _DSC0340-2   _DSC0346-2  _DSC0350-2  _DSC0351-2  _DSC0263  _DSC0360-2  _DSC0373-2  _DSC0286  _DSC0393-2  _DSC0399  _DSC0413  _DSC0414  _DSC0321  _DSC0433  _DSC0440  _DSC0333  _DSC0445  _DSC0468  _DSC0475  _DSC0478  _DSC0489  _DSC0499  _DSC0505  _DSC0519  _DSC0373  _DSC0531  _DSC0540  _DSC0542  _DSC0383  _DSC0386  _DSC0387  _DSC0563  _DSC0565  _DSC0571  _DSC0572

go here and tell us about yourselves if you want a lifestyle session of your own!
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