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taylor + courtney // formals


there’s an energy to a formal session that i love. playing dress up like it’s your wedding day when you’ve got just inches still to go. this almost-finally sigh of relief-anticipation, of we’re-so-close. to step away from all the muck of the stress and business of wedding planning for just a few hours, to breathe, to look at one another and smile, and say, “this is why we’re doing this. we’re doing this.”

i think it’s a luxury we should all afford ourselves. to trust that things will work out, and have this little bit of us time. and i feel so lucky when we can be there to capture it.

and when your session is on the Hawthorne Bridge right smack in the middle of the Hood to Coast run, you might just have dozens of strangers cheering and congratulating you. and that’s something quite magical too, i think.

_DSC0052 (2)  _DSC0054 (2)  _DSC0016 _DSC0018  _DSC0060 (2)  _DSC0065 (2)  _DSC0070 (2)  _DSC0071 (2) _DSC0023  _DSC0093 (2)  _DSC0118 (2) _DSC0119 (2)  _DSC0038  _DSC0137 (2)  _DSC0141 (2)  _DSC0149 (2)    _DSC0059 _DSC0174 (2)  _DSC0181 (2)  _DSC0184 (2)  _DSC0188 (2)    _DSC0202 (2)  _DSC0208 (2) _DSC0209 (2)  _DSC0213 (2)  _DSC0061  _DSC0077  _DSC0066 _DSC0068  _DSC0079  _DSC0232 (2) _DSC0230 (2)  _DSC0245 (2)  _DSC0087 _DSC0254  _DSC0089  _DSC0262  _DSC0274  _DSC0289  _DSC0299 _DSC0304  _DSC0309  _DSC0324 _DSC0333  _DSC0341  _DSC0348 _DSC0353  _DSC0364  _DSC0371  _DSC0380 _DSC0383  _DSC0401  _DSC0409 _DSC0412  _DSC0136   _DSC0428  _DSC0148  _DSC0153 _DSC0155  _DSC0433  _DSC0438  _DSC0449  _DSC0160 _DSC0165  _DSC0459 _DSC0503  _DSC0162  _DSC0472  _DSC0473  _DSC0483   _DSC0497 _DSC0499  _DSC0501  _DSC0506  _DSC0515  _DSC0518  _DSC0527  _DSC0538   _DSC0546   _DSC0551 _DSC0548  _DSC0563  _DSC0200 _DSC0218  _DSC0584  _DSC0187  _DSC0230 _DSC0223  _DSC0624  _DSC0643 _DSC0651  _DSC0231  _DSC0676  _DSC0245  _DSC0682  _DSC0686 _DSC0691  _DSC0696  _DSC0703

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stephen + hannah // the wedding


hannah and stephen fell in love. stephen went on a two-year church mission and wrote hannah every week of it. on a day in late summer that was just the right amount of cloudy, hannah wore her mother’s wedding dress, and surrounded by family and close friends, they promised to spend forever together.

_DSC0005  _DSC0008-3 _DSC0011-3 _DSC0011  _DSC0026-3  _DSC0027-3  _DSC0021  _DSC0027  _DSC0089  _DSC0050-3  _DSC0094 _DSC0099  _DSC0101  _DSC0105  _DSC0106  _DSC0111  _DSC0112    _DSC0071-3  _DSC0081-3 _DSC0143  _DSC0150  _DSC0102-2   _DSC0110-3  _DSC0185  _DSC0194  _DSC0117-3     _DSC0297 _DSC0305  _DSC0310  _DSC0334  _DSC0187-3  _DSC0191-3  _DSC0205-3  _DSC0207-3  _DSC0405  _DSC0416  _DSC0219-3 _DSC0221-3  _DSC0230-3  _DSC0432  _DSC0448 _DSC0766  _DSC0453  _DSC0459 _DSC0500  _DSC0462  _DSC0464  _DSC0472 _DSC0474  _DSC0516  _DSC0521  _DSC0262-3  _DSC0554    _DSC0567  _DSC0280-3  _DSC0282-3    _DSC0594  _DSC0601  _DSC0612  _DSC0605     _DSC0652 _DSC0636      _DSC0661 _DSC0665    _DSC0293-3      _DSC0713  _DSC0299-3  _DSC0719  _DSC0744 _DSC0747  _DSC0748   _DSC0769 _DSC0772  _DSC0773  _DSC0775   _DSC0797  _DSC0322-3  _DSC0812 _DSC0815  _DSC0813  _DSC0822  _DSC0833  _DSC0853   _DSC0347-3  _DSC0366-3  _DSC0364-3 _DSC0368-3    _DSC0890  _DSC0903  _DSC0929    _DSC0939   _DSC0977  _DSC0422-3  _DSC0995  _DSC0482-3  _DSC0098-2  _DSC0114-2 _DSC0122-2  _DSC0129-2  _DSC0137-2 _DSC0134-2  _DSC0178-2  _DSC0170-2  _DSC0182-2   _DSC0561-3  _DSC0529-3  _DSC0537-3 _DSC0539-3  _DSC0231-2  _DSC0247-2  _DSC0250-2  _DSC0572-3 _DSC0586-3  _DSC0270-2 _DSC0300-2  _DSC0275-2   _DSC0621-3  _DSC0281-2 _DSC0268-2  _DSC0324-2  _DSC0370-2  _DSC0346-2  _DSC0363-2 _DSC0392-2  _DSC0626-3  _DSC0406-2  _DSC0420-2  _DSC0425-2  _DSC0429-2  _DSC0660-3  _DSC0470-2   _DSC0479  _DSC0537-2  _DSC0674-2  _DSC0692-2  _DSC0729-3  _DSC0738-3 _DSC0739-3  _DSC0785-2  _DSC0793-2  _DSC0778-3  _DSC0805-2  _DSC0807-2  _DSC0819-2  _DSC0823-2  _DSC0827-2 _DSC0831-2  _DSC0834-2  _DSC0838-2 _DSC0812-3  _DSC0848-2  _DSC0016-5  _DSC0053-5  _DSC0059-5  _DSC0080-4  _DSC0086-4  _DSC0098-4  _DSC0116-4  _DSC0121-4  _DSC0142-4   _DSC0125-4  _DSC0133-4    _DSC0145-4  _DSC0870-2  _DSC0149-4  _DSC0160-4    _DSC0886-2 _DSC0173-4  _DSC0223-4  _DSC0935 _DSC0930-2  _DSC0239-4  _DSC0245-4  _DSC0262-4  _DSC0253-4  _DSC0260-4  _DSC0962-2 _DSC0958-2  _DSC0276-4  _DSC0285-4  _DSC0288-4  _DSC0303-4  _DSC0307-4  _DSC0322-4    _DSC0352-4    _DSC0373-4  _DSC0412-4 _DSC0430-4  _DSC0453-4  _DSC0047-4  _DSC0455-4  _DSC0487-3

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