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tegan {lifestyle} darling springtime frolic


meet tegan. she is a wonderful friend from my days in Oregon, and just as Dave and I were planning to move back to Portland, Tegan moved out here to go to school! As fate would have it, we stayed, and it’s been so very nice to have her nearby to adventure with. Some of the neat things about Tegan are that she is an incredible singer, she is terribly unpredictable, and sometimes she uses her status as an Oregonian to get nice boys to pump her gas for her–absolute genius.

we had a marvelous time exploring provo, observing the faint beginnings of spring, and making some rad photos happen.

and oh, isn’t march being just the dearest?? the new greenness of this world is doing SUCH good things for my soul.

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i hope you enjoyed. feel free to leave your thoughts, friends!

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giveaway WINNERS announced!!!

hi new (and old) friends! we are so happy each and every one of you entered our giveaway! it was so fun to get to know you through your love stories (and favourite animals!) and i hope that someday we can photograph many of you.

we drew the winner from a hat, and without further ado, the winners are……..

drumroll……………(i said without further ado but i lied)………..

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edit-3-4 copy

CONGRATULATIONS, Brandon and Savannah! We are so excited to hang out with you and take some awesome pictures! yee! We will be in touch shortly with details.
To everyone else, thanks again for entering! Because all y’all’s stories made us so happy, we will be extending a special offer to each of you, as our thanks. So stay tuned! and i hope everyone’s love month was just splendid.