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matt + meghan {glorious happy portland WEDDING!}

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First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark

we were riding in the back of the car with the bride and groom on the way to their reception. matt was telling meghan about something, to which she quietly giggled and said “i don’t care.” and matt just kept talking. dave and i laughed, and we knew that these kids are perfect for each other.

we had the most blasts hanging out with these darling folks on their wedding day. i knew matt and meghan both from when I lived in oregon, but they weren’t together then. it was super neat to get to know them again as a couple. they are so sweet to each other and just have this simple, straightforward understanding of one another, as if they’ve been together for years. they find reasons to laugh in everything. and they braved the freezing coldness like freaking champs. aaand…iadorethem. here’s their beautiful wedding day.

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happy forevers, friends! :)


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