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drew + megan {lifestyle} cozy wintertime love shoot


music is perhaps my biggest inspiration….and comfort…and catharsis and…everything. i can’t–or rather, don’t want to–imagine a world without music. i imagine everything in life as being accompanied by a soundtrack, and especially love. because it is deeper and truer and more all-encompassing than can be described by anything but the swell of a string orchestra or the heavy thud of a bass drum.

this shoot was directly inspired by a song and it was so beautifully brought to life by drew and megan. they were married last spring and have such a quiet tenderness with each other that i adore. and them. i adore them because they are awesome.

this is what christmas has always felt like to me. i love the lights and the music and everything that makes the atmosphere of christmas, but strip it all away and you find the center of it all–simple, pure human goodness and being together with the people we love most. this is a cause i can get behind.

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happy christmastime, deer ones.

DSC_0003 (2)

magical glorious fairy woodland (!!!) amazingness brought to life. this is so many of my dreams come true.

because love is magic.

it makes life into a new world, a more beautiful world with endless potential and endless adventures. it is my favourite world.

i am so happy to know these wonderful children of the forest and to have been able to photograph a little bit of their magic. enjoy.

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